​Olive oil, extra virgin, cold pressed.


Olive oil, extra virgin highest quality from different regions of Greece in flavors from spicy to quite neutral with acidity as low as 0.2%. Flavoured olive oil (with garlic, rosemary, lemon), olive oil with herbs and spices in decorative bottles. High quality argan oil.

Feta cheeses from the highest quality sheep and goat milk with dense hard structure, tasty and aromatic in packages of various sizes, including to be sold on scales.


Hard cheeses, long ripening (kefalotyri, kefalograviera and graviera) spicy and mild taste in a small elegant packs of 200g.


Green olives with various fillings (garlic, almond, pepper, cheese), dark olives with pits, pitted, including black olives without salt, dried olives and vacuum packed.


Halva, original, hand-made in a variety of flavors: pistachio, hazelnuts, cocoa, vanilla, almond and sugar cane, whole wheat with sugar or honey, orange, coffee, cranberry and others. Product to be sold on scale but also in attractive pachages.


And many other products: honey, processed fruit and vegetables, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, natural figs, dried in the sun and figs in chocolate, sweets and many others.

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